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13 Jan 2023 [18:30]
puzzled why twist is negative when back in 2021 it was positive [link] So I did the same experiment as back then moving 30000ms//day worth of weights from the north side to the south side (ie towards Great Court) and twist went from -3mrad to -5mrad. I put the weights back again, but as far north as I could. Twist has settled to be around -3.7mrad, slightly better than the -3.9mrad that it was earlier today [link] . I'm pondering whether to wind up the regulation nut so as to dispose of all the brass weights on the regulation platform (nb the regulation nut does 42s/day per turn, see below) But maybe there is benefit in having plenty of regulation mass up high to be able to control twist. How about I lower the main weight and add even more mass at the North side and try to get twist to zero?
13 Jan 2023 [10:43]
I think the pendulum was rubbling on the hardboard covers at the top of the perspex box. Shifted these - hopefully will give better amplitude control.

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