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Best fit to data (blue line). Reference gradient (red lines):-605ms/day/deg C.
this is for an uncompensated steel pendulum -605ms/day/C (we hope to acheive within 10ms/day/C with compensation)

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01 May 2016 [21:02]
Great 'night-winders': Imogen Hipkin-Holland, Emma Gee Olmedilla, Carmen Olmedilla Herrero. Andrew Gee, Roberto Cipolla, Yvonne Higgons, Robin Higgons,Stuart Hendry, Alison Hendry, Liesbeth Blom
01 May 2016 [20:58]
ADJUST: +500ms/day to 40110 This is the first adjustment since 23 November. It is truly remarkable that the clock has run for 160 days before drifting outside of the +/- 3 seconds leeway that I give it. It seems that the temperature compensation is not perfect. Perhaps I need an extra 30ms/day per degree [link]
24 Apr 2016 [10:38]
Excellent winders: Olivia Cutts (youngest ever?), Louis Place, Nikki Cutts, Tim Cutts, Andrew Smith, Ray Morley, Louise Place
21 Apr 2016 [21:55]
winding by Trinity College Melbourne Alumni, fearless leader Ken Hinchcliff, Shivaan Bardolia, Nicholas Langford (@njwlangford), Georgina Baker, Taylor Callaghan, Michael Li, Alex Ross, Kirsty Ross
18 Apr 2016 [09:09]
winding by Duncan Malthouse-Hobbs @dunk1406 and Andrei Popovici - Trinity Computer lot!
10 Apr 2016 [16:43]
winding with help from Chris Nickolaus - lots of chat about tilting towers ...
03 Apr 2016 [11:08]
winding by Tamsin Cowley, Ian Cowley and Jasper Cowley with Chris Nickolaus
01 Apr 2016 [12:00]
Alex Woolgar-Toms top-up winding with friends
27 Mar 2016 [00:05]
clock change by Alex Woolgar-Toms and Chris Nickolaus - many thanks! And a full wind too
24 Mar 2016 [12:05]
instructions for the clock change - fiddling a bit with the escapement
19 Mar 2016 [14:15]
top up wind
18 Mar 2016 [18:03]
Winding by Trinity Catering Duo - Jessica Duck @fitduck and Peter Mezei
11 Mar 2016 [18:10]
winding by Chris Nickolaus - on a beautiful spring evening.
04 Mar 2016 [08:03]
Early wind by Arsalan Harris
25 Feb 2016 [21:02]
winding by David Lavender
18 Feb 2016 [08:07]
winding by John Ledger - part of the Logie Baird team!
10 Feb 2016 [21:33]
winding by the Combustion Group: Philip Sitte, Anna-Maria Kypraiou, Andrea Giusti, Harsha, Colleen Stuart, Patton Allison, Pedro Magalhaes de Oliveira, Jenni Sidey @jennimsidey
03 Feb 2016 [18:58]
winding with Felicity Lamacraft, Celeste Lamacraft, Arrate Molina and Austen Lamacraft - all very excitable inversely proportional to age!
27 Jan 2016 [17:30]
winding ably assisted by Terry Black from Windfall Films - all for a documentary about the first television broadcast in 1936. Thanks also to Peter Gauvain behind the camera and Henry Hocking on sound
20 Jan 2016 [11:23]
Thanks to Peter Windmill for winding at the last minute - and for correcting the bells that went out of synch
12 Jan 2016 [23:07]
winding after Fairhavens with Stephen Watson - Emmanuel College
05 Jan 2016 [18:11]
winding by Andy Jude and Hilary Costello - first for 2016
29 Dec 2015 [17:43]
Winders: Julian Cooling, Karen Bass and Chris Nickolaus, last wind of 2015.
22 Dec 2015 [21:27]
Clock winding by Deah Dhaliwal, Anya Dhaliwal and Sam Dhaliwal, shown the ropes by Hilary Costello - thanks!
15 Dec 2015 [21:00]
Winding by Rick Lupton - thanks!
08 Dec 2015 [22:39]
after three pints of Pegasus from the Maypole (in own glasses) winding by Ben Sparks @sparksmaths and Seb Falk @seb_falk
01 Dec 2015 [09:08]
Nick Denyer girding his loins for essay marking
30 Nov 2015 [16:13]
visit by Owen Ryder and Peter Stitt from Cummins Turbo - true mechanical engineers!
23 Nov 2015 [21:36]
yet more, from Peterhouse, Trinity and other colleges (Queens' perhaps?) Basil Mustafa, Ethan Silverstone @ethanjdanger, Ciara Norris @ciaranorris18, Fran Penrose @franpenrose, Farzana Huysman @farzanahuysman, Olufolajimi Babasola @folajimi_, Andreas Orphanou, Ruth Augarde, Ben Ferris @benaferris ,
23 Nov 2015 [21:35]
ADJUST: -90ms/day to 39610 - on advice from a Queens' student

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