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15 Jun 2016 [18:00]
tapping rather more vigorously. A big drop in going! Maybe dislodged a sticking zinc tube in the pendulum, after all my insistence that it wasn't sticking. Maybe we need to take the pendulum apart again.
15 Jun 2016 [17:30]
tapping the pendulum always causes s drop in amplitude of swing. Never an increase. Is this a clue? Here's a detailed graph of events <[link]> It's zoomed into 2 hours 5-7pm GMT Note a tapping at about 17:30 caused a step drop in amplitude but a step rise in drift. I'm not sure I understand this. Then a more vigorous tapping at 17:50 caused a drop in amplitude but a step change in going. Is this the zinc tube unsticking?! Then a few minutes later, I don't think I did anything...!

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