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29 Mar 2020 [07:23]
Also advanced and wound the Newton Clock in the Master's Lodge
29 Mar 2020 [07:18]
I shifted 10000 ms/day of regulation weights up onto the upper layer so that they can be as far north as possible, so as to minimize twist. I wonder of there's something wrong with the suspension, causing the twist?
29 Mar 2020 [07:15]
hour change for Summer Time, and winding solo owing to COVID 19 - definitely more fun with company!
29 Mar 2020 [07:15]
Procedure for advancing the clock on a Sunday Morning: Start at 08h02 (BST, ie new time). 1. insert the brass silencing devices for both quarters and strike. 2. With your left hand lift the escapement release never and allow the clock to run on, through 7.15, 7.30 and 7.45 (which will be silent) and then 8am will go through the motions of striking eight, but silently. 3. With your right hand grab the spinning fly shaft to slow the spin. 4. Come to a stop slightly beyond where you need to be and let go of the lever. 5. Now fine tune by stopping the fly for as long as is necessary to get the clock onto the correct time. 6. Now ermove the brass silencing devices. 7. Check that 8.15am quarters sound correctly. 9. All done!
29 Mar 2020 [07:05]
An experiment, shifting 5500 ms worth of regulation weights in five steps of 40mm from the north side of the pendulum shaft to the south side. The idea is to see how it affects pendulum twist. I suspect it's not a great experiemnt because the disturbance affects ampltude too and there's a strong coupling (linear?) between twist and amplitude.
29 Mar 2020 [06:48]
ADJUST: +150ms/day to 15500

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