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30 Dec 2018 [15:39]
ADJUST: -15000ms/day to 48800
30 Dec 2018 [15:27]
messing about a bit this afternoon. Replaced the fan (see below, 26 March 2013) which was fiddly - had to stop the pendulum to position the 35mm plastic hose down to the bottom of the pendulum chamber without interfering with the swing of the pendulum. The pendulum got a few knocks so the going is starting from scratch. I added a couple of 100g lead weights, worth about 10000ms/day each, and I removed 15000ms/day of brass weights. Note the fan is blowing cool air down to the bottom (which I think is what it must have been doing back in 2013). But now we have a perspex case at the top and a good seet of thermometers.

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