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Best fit to data (blue line). Reference gradient (red lines):-8.6ms/day/mbar.
Going varies with pressure because of drag, added mass and buoyancy. Barometric compensator fitted 28 March 2010 should fix this.

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28 Aug 2015 [11:00]
12th Cambridge Scouts winding with visitors from 12th Cambridge Scouts Ontario: Scouters: Colin, Hannah, Lisa, Catherine, Katie, Shelley. Scouts: Jonnie, Ben, Beba, Eleanor, Rebekah, Alex, William, Canadians: Sam, Sak, Bryce, Scott, Nathan, Joshua, Nicola, Tristan, Jacob, Connor, Brenden, A.J. followed by a punting trip and tea in Grantchester!
25 Aug 2015 [19:35]
The @bbcpm piece is around 5:43pm here [link] Quite fun! @BBCRadio4
23 Aug 2015 [15:30]
Julian Cooling (Adelweigian) thoroughly enjoyed the clock. He and Chris Nickolaus had a lengthy discussion on the subject of the Trinity and Hobson Conduits.
16 Aug 2015 [20:06]
winding by Ryan Wall, Kerrie Wall, Daniel Flack @drf39 @RWall1993
10 Aug 2015 [20:00]
Akemi Matsushima, Kengo Matsushima, Naoto Matsushima, Kanji Matsushima with Chris Nickolaus. Originally from Japan, visiting Cambridge on summer holidays from the US.
07 Aug 2015 [17:22]
winding with Dan Larsen
31 Jul 2015 [08:00]
winding thanks to Alex Woolgar-Toms
23 Jul 2015 [21:34]
Winders from the International Summer Schools: Kong Kit Tung, Lo Hoi Yi Joey, Shi Min Png, Ho Wing Tone Stephanie, William Strider, Isabella-Jane Shah @jbella_z , Cheng Tsz Ching Phoebe, Estefania Vega, Michelle Westlake, Tony Hoskins, Tang Chung Yan Sandy @yan_cy1, Kimba Wong, Carrock Sewell, Susan O Drake, Nanthaya Tisavipat, Rupert Gregg, Ernest Colvin
19 Jul 2015 [10:00]
Winding by Fairhavens after Selene Webb's memorial concert: Carl Rutti, Marie-Louise Rutti, Carys Brown @HistoryCarys, Rupert Beale, Paul Merchant, Howard Leithead
21 Jul 2015 [20:41]
Anne Stillman, Adrian Poole & Murray Stewart very politely in agreement with my Bentley theory ...
12 Jul 2015 [11:46]
Charles Southey, Jane Foster, Simon Foster, Mike Radford, Katharine Radford, Chris Clarke, Rachel Rummery, Gavin Rummery, Stuart King, David Cundy on a tour of the clock
05 Jul 2015 [21:00]
Winding with Richard Garrett, Emmanuel Candes, Gaby Candes, Joan Lasenby, Anthony Lasenby, Robert Lasenby, Nick Kingsbury and Chris Nickolaus
02 Jul 2015 [18:00]
winding, Chris Nickolaus
01 Jul 2015 [00:00]
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