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26 Apr 2022 [14:14]
seven days winding is: going = 56 turns, strikes = 54.6 turns each, quarters = 49.58 turns.
26 Apr 2022 [14:10]
now that we have an eight day clock it's worth noting for winders that 8 days is 64 turns of the going drum (8 turns per day). 62.4 turns on the two strike drums (7.8 turns per day) and 56 2/3 turns on the quarters drum (7 1/12 turns per day - assuming 7 hours silence per day). The quarters would be 10 turns per day if the silencing were switched off.
26 Apr 2022 [13:41]
realigning the laser for the twist sensor - it was pointing too high. Quite possibly we knocked it when installing the new line - but it had been getting fuzzy for a while

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