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Plot and as with

Best fit to data (blue line). Reference gradient (red lines):-8.6ms/day/mbar.
Going varies with pressure because of drag, added mass and buoyancy. Barometric compensator fitted 28 March 2010 should fix this.

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14 Oct 2015 [22:33]
accidentally pulled out the GPS cable - no data until next day
14 Oct 2015 [22:33]
TEA evening winding by CATHY ZHU,Jacky Yang, Guangzhi Sun, Andreas Kattamis, Federica Freddi, Vlad Tomescu, Marijana Vujadinovic, Arsalan Harris, Thomas Burridge, Gordon Hannah, Christopher Langridge, ajit ghosh,BradleyBull Daniel B Zoscha P Chris P, Isabel Vallina Garcia, Dusan Perovic, Dr Steven Whitehouse
10 Oct 2015 [17:30]
GCR 47.5s on the day of the Great Court Run. The ITV news report on the Great Court Run and the Clock is here [link] - rather nicely done
06 Oct 2015 [11:00]
top-up wind. Also installed a plumb bob to look for tower lean due to sunshine on south wall. Will have to wait for next summer.
06 Oct 2015 [11:00]
GCR 47.4 on top layer. Note that the Strikes do 20 strikes per revolution and 156 strikes per day - that is 7.8 turns per day. There are 19 turns on the top layer so the clock should be wound at least 2.4 days before the Run. Thursday at noon is a good time.
06 Oct 2015 [11:00]
The clock is 3s fast but I'm in the middle of an experiment to see how the clock runs without the barometric compenasator. Hence the correction by -3 seconds
01 Oct 2015 [11:00]
filming with Stuart Leithes - and a top-up wind
28 Sep 2015 [20:02]
winding with Peter Dawe - very interesting evening!
20 Sep 2015 [16:40]
Could this be a pigeon event? [link]
24 Sep 2015 [08:31]
winding by Fiona Holland @trincollcam - College Communications Officer - we have one at long last!
17 Sep 2015 [14:12]
wind with Nick Breeze and Luke Parsons. Nothing went wrong, so no litigation required. There is time, says Luke.
14 Sep 2015 [15:00]
wind while Paul Ashley takes photos - very nice ones indeed! [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
11 Sep 2015 [08:15]
Winding by College staff today! Jack Mortimer Francesca Baker-Pitman, Kirsty Ross, Karen Wells, Lee Froggatt, James Hobbs, Taylor Reynolds

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