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29 May 2014 [23:00]
Top-up wind after Ascension Feast - Paul Mylrea, Patrick Maxwell, Mark Dunhill
29 May 2014 [11:01]
New cheese weights: TC=116kg (TC1=20.5kg TC2-22.7kg TC3-22.7kg TC4-22.2kg TC5-20.3kg) StJ=95kg (StJ1-20.2kg StJ2-22.9kg StJ3-22.1kg StJ4-20.5kg). This will mean the strike is a bit slower.
29 May 2014 [11:00]
GLITCH winding, thanks to Hunter Spink, David Vasak and Baskaran Sripathmanathan - followed by installation of new hangers for the weights - thanks to Graham Newman. This should give a couple of hours extra time between windings. Will find out next week.

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