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29 Jan 2023 [17:36]
There is a slight annoyance that the mass of the heavier weights is not known to the same absolute tolerance as the lighter ones. For example replacing 9700 ms/day with a single 10000 ms/day weight is not going to give +300ms/day because the 10000 ms/day weight might actually weigh 10100 ms/day. Maybe they all need to be calibrated. I'll do this one day.
29 Jan 2023 [17:36]
At the same time I've rep[aced the three 100ms/day weights with a single 300ms/day comosite weight so that more weight can be added at the north side of the pendulum to reduce twist. See earlier comment from a coup,e of weeeks ago.
29 Jan 2023 [17:36]
ADJUST: +300ms/day to 39200

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