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28 Mar 2010 [11:20]
ADJUST: -1500 ms/day 43500ms, bringing to -2600ms/day the total mass compensation for the barometric compensator
28 Mar 2010 [00:15]
ADJUST: -1100 ms/day 45000ms, necessary to compensate for the mass of the barometric compensator. Will need further adjustment in the morning.
28 Mar 2010 [00:10]
fitted a barometric compensator [link] , mass of compensator is 1.854kg, installed close to the pendulum flexure. As a guess, the CoG of the compnesator is between 2% to 5% away from the flexure towards the adjustment table, hence expect to have to remove about 20 to 60 grams of weight, equivalent to about 2000 to 6000ms/day
28 Mar 2010 [00:05]
plugged gaps under the floor boards to reduce air currents - and maybe to deter spiders.
28 Mar 2010 [00:00]
GLITCH clock advanced for summer time.

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