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25 Mar 2012 [14:18]
Ah. Apparently there was a huge power surge on 20 March at 01h30 - the same time as the PC crash. There is clearly some work to do here....
25 Mar 2012 [13:45]
Sorry, I have been away from Cambridge and have not had time to fix the problem. I think it is a NiDAQ driver problem because the output file says [DAQ Error]. Not very helpful! Tim, any ideas?
25 Mar 2012 [13:00]
winding help from Anna Gatti, Nico Gatti, Sofia Gatti, Alessandra Tosi, Rupert Gatti, Valentina Corsetti, Christopher Peacock and Dilan Mehmet - a really very helpful team!
25 Mar 2012 [07:05]
GLITCH Clock advanced for summer time

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