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24 Mar 2018 [23:00]
various things done on this summer-time-change night with James Strachan, John Aldridge, Robert Spencer, Graham Newman : 1. replace barometric compensator with a magnetic weight platform to allow for twist adjustment; 2. change orientation of the twist laser prism so that the direct-reflection 'flying spots' are on-screen for all theta; 3. Install a wide (aluminium) regulation bar so that regulation weights can be positioned off-centre; 4. installed four graphite-impregnated 1mm-thick nylon pads into the vee-block to reduce friction on pendulum tilt. This meant that the IR sensor neded to be shifted upwards a short distance so that it runs true.
24 Mar 2018 [19:00]
pendulum free decay experiment, lifted escapement and allowed pendulum to swing freely until 11pm, with John Aldridge and Robert Spencer
24 Mar 2018 [13:00]
induced twist by moving all the regulation weights to a distance of about 200mm from the pendulum centre (put them pack on centre for the 7pm free-decay experiment)

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