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24 Mar 2015 [12:19]
ADJUST: -150ms/day to 39650
24 Mar 2015 [12:08]
Visitors from the Oxbridge Academy: Virginia @virgintuh, Amy Jurskis, Justin Lubin, Maria Elena Grimmett, Madison Outlaw @Sent2TheBeast, Blake Clement, Daniel Fischer,Isabella Greene, Patrick Baratta @peanutbaratta , Caitlin Craig-Burke, Alexis Berman @lexiberman, Samantha Spritz @sasspritz,John Klemme @jklemme, Grace Hines, Shoshana Simons, Desi Isaacson, Kella Merlain-Moffatt @kella_nutella , Sarah Ormrod (ICE), Jack Eubanks, Aidan Dermody-McKeen

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