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24 Mar 2014 [20:00]
ADJUST: -300 ms/day to 40400
24 Mar 2014 [19:55]
Twenty cubs did the winding tonight! Thanks to 12th Cambridge Cubs and their leaders. Cubs were Jude, Rebekah, Benji, Harry, Chiara, Eleanor, Timoni, Tomas, Lucas, Alex, Gregor, Henry, Jamie, Bill, Rory, Tom, Johnny, Oliver, Reith, Archie with leaders Jane, Mark and Arusha
24 Mar 2014 [09:51]
ADJUST: 4900 ms/day to 40700 after installation of further weights to the barometric compensator. 240g was added to each side, totalling 480g added. This should improve the accuracy of compensation. We shall see ...

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