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19 Mar 2021 [20:33]
top-up wind (so that I could get access to the weights to measure them)
19 Mar 2021 [20:33]
The weight chute has been opened up and lengthened in C2 Great Court. As a result I estimate* that the length of new cable required is as follows:Quarters - none (there seems to be ample cable on that drum) Going - 38m (33.4m +extra) 4mm 7x19 wire rope T-Strike - 38m (34.1m +extra) 5mm 7x19 wire rope J-Strike - 39m (34.8m +extra) 5mm 7x19 wire rope I suggest we get a 50m roll of 4mm 7x19 and a 100m roll of 5mm 7x19 This should be ample for the job in hand. Shall we leave it to Graham to procure the cable?
19 Mar 2021 [20:33]
*I base these estimates on a measurement of the distance from pulley to floor-of C2 Gt Ct (never before possible) of h=10.3 metres (estimated by measuring the length of a string dropped down to the bottom of the chute - but there's a wooden base of 100mm being made for the bottom). The lengths of the weights themselves are (in order G Q T J) in mm x= 750 1070 730 640. The horizontal distance from the weight chute to the appropriate drum in the clock bed is b= 2430 2080 3050 3500 The vertical drop to the clock bed is a= 2250 The estimates of required rope length is therefore 3*(h-0.1-x)+b+a = 33.1 31.8 33.8 34.5 (metres)

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