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18 Oct 2014 [13:11]
I have installed another 256MB of DDR memory on the clock logging computer (yes, it is an old PC!) total is now 760MB. Also installed Konqueror browser because Firefox was very leaky. Also tidied up with apt-get autoremove. Thanks to Per Ola Kristensson for hi s help and advice
18 Oct 2014 [12:00]
GCR = 46.5 s on upper layer
18 Oct 2014 [10:14]
ADJUST: +200 ms/day to 39800 and winding before the Great Court Run with Isobel Kristensson, Julia Kristensson and Per Ola Kristensson GCR=49s on lower layer (extrapolated from 11am) We will see what it is at noon today

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