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17 Oct 2020 [15:45]
ADJUST: -250 ms/day to 15550
17 Oct 2020 [14:56]
John Aldridge reports: "Twist measurement came up smoothly, after installing a couple of required packages: apt-get install python3-scipy and apt-get install python3-matplotlib. But for temperature reading I enabled the 1-wire interface, but something's wrong with the temperature probes. Is it possible you've knocked a connector while changing the card? They're not even appearing as devices: ls /sys/bus/w1/devices/ 00-340000000000 00-740000000000 00-b40000000000 w1_bus_master1 , but I don't think the 00- devices should be there at all (they seem to appear slowly over time), and there should be seven devices with names 28-0316838600ff 28-051684b88eff 28-041684689dff 28-04168464f2ff 28-0416847140ff 28-031683ef92ff 28-000006152a3f. Also, for tilt measurement I enabled the SPI interface but there's a problem. The line of code spi.cshigh = False now causes a Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in SystemError: error return without exception set. So unless you've knocked the connector to the Wyler as well, I'm puzzled and will need to debug more deeply."
17 Oct 2020 [14:55]
Upgraded from its obsolete operating system 8 (jessie) to an up to date one 10 (buster). The operating system change has resulted in the ssh fingerprint for that machine changing, which means that the data collection is now failing. In the past, the Trinity system operator needs to to login as the "clocktower" user on trin-hosts, attempt an interactive PuTTY connection, and answer "yes" to the message "fingerprint has changed, would you like to update it". This then updates the registry, and the batch data collection will resume working.

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