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15 Mar 2023 [11:26]
This was a good test for the eight-day clock. Last week wound on Tuesday at 9.15am, this week on Wednesday at 11.15am. The going has only 10mm fall to go, and using Garth's measurements in April the going weight drops on average 45mm per hour (1.09 metres per day). Confirmation that we can go eight days, 2h:15m between winds. The Trinity Strike has 38mm clear. Based on Garth's measurements last April the Trinity weight falls on average 6.84mm/dong (based on 156 dongs per day) but because of the change in drum diameter on the lower layer I measured 6.55mm/dong just now. So the 38mm would only have allowed 5 more dongs. All perfect, the clock would have stopped just before the Trinity strike ran out enabling an easy restart without resetting the bells. StJohn's and Quarters have plenty to go so they don't matter in this calculation.
15 Mar 2023 [11:11]
winding by Sophie Gibson - a reward for being lucky last at Exeat!

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