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06 Jan 2011 [14:00]
Mark has measured the expansion coefficients for both the aneroids at 0.03 mm/mbar - so they are working fine. In fact this is 40% more sensitive than I had assumed, so it is a mystery why the barocomp is not working. I have a theory that there is something funny about the way the flexure of the pendulum suspension works, so I am going to have a go putting the compensator further down the pendulum, away from the flexure. This is what Philip Woodward did ... so maybe there is a good reason. It will mean having to screw up the regulation nut under the bob again - which is what stuffed up the temperature compensator last time. Ah well, it all makes work for the working man to do.
06 Jan 2011 [10:00]
... the observant amongst you will have noticed that the clock sped up by 3 seconds retrospectively. This is not relativity in action - it is simply that the clock is actually sounding half a second fast at the moment, so I have brought the logger in line with the real world. Yes, there is a real world!

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