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05 Jan 2011 [21:30]
So the barocompensator is removed. This means that I now have to do what I used to do and check the pressure forecast at BBC weather [link] because I know that the clock loses -8ms/day per mbar of pressure rise. The barometric presssure is due to rise by 20mbar over the next 6 days so lets see if the clock slows down by 120ms/day.
05 Jan 2011 [19:00]
ADJUST: +5500 ms/day to 32900 now that the barocompensator has been removed
05 Jan 2011 [18:55]
The old computer as been reinstated until we can figure out compatibility of NiDAQ drivers with OPENSUSE 11.3 Many thanks to Tim Gale for his help! Useful to record that NiDAQ drivers are updated using sudo updateNIDRIVERS `uname -r` and also to update to the server use lftp -f uploadData.lftp .

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