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04 Mar 2018 [00:00]
restart twist loggerilip
03 Mar 2018 [23:46]
repeat twist experiment then restart pendulum
03 Mar 2018 [23:45]
installed new solid-state tilt sensor in parallel with the existing orange level
03 Mar 2018 [23:07]
stop pendulum, remove barometric compensator, replace twist prism, replace yellow-painted glass on laser screen with ground glass panel
03 Mar 2018 [23:05]
torsional disturbance to measure twist natural frequency while swinging and at rest
03 Mar 2018 [23:00]
arrived with Pip Mathews and John Aldridge for winding and to do some experiments. Removed heater from clock case. Put a curtain up in the window to block sunlight.
03 Mar 2018 [17:00]
put fan heater in clock case

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