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01 Jul 2012 [15:12]
Nandi Chinner and Elkie Wootton (niece and honorary niece of Graham Chiiner) - all three came up for a visit and a wind. Thank you!
01 Jul 2012 [13:10]
visitors to the clock: Iona Goddard, Barney Goddard, Joel Tutt, Finlay Low, Luise Grosche, Moshe Peck, Jacob Peck, Armin Grosche, Rachel Peck, Emma Widdis, Jason Goddard, Hamish Low, Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche, Malte Grosche, Sanam Moshar, Joel Peck
01 Jul 2012 [13:06]
more power failure problems, computer restarted.
01 Jul 2012 [00:00]
Dammit! A leap second. I do not think my pendulum cares a gnats tock about this!

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